Vedic Mantras

Vedas Introduction & Over view Vedas Introduction I admire for those who have complied and presented this valuable information .It is amazed to see the knowledge and understanding , and presented in a simple form of Vedas. Hats up to the precisions and meticulous evidences and approaches provided by our ancient Indian sadhus and rishis.Continue reading “Vedic Mantras”

ARYABHATTA – Ancient Inventions

It Describes about : Gitikada -Discoveries about planetary and time computations, Methods of writing of numbers, Units of measurements, calculations of earth’s rotationsGanitapada – Inventions about mathematics for astrophysical commutation , Geometrical principles, progressions measurement of time, week day, determining planetary positions.Kalakriyapada – discoveries about planetary positions and motionGolapada – Inventions about geometric & TrigonometricContinue reading “ARYABHATTA – Ancient Inventions”