Veda means “knowledge” it contain the fundamental knowledge. Vedas are the most ancient sacred manuscript’s that are still in existence today. They are RigVeda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda
The Vedas contain hymns, incantations and rituals. Apart from their spiritual values, they provide mankind with values for every day life. The most holy hymns and mantras have been put together into four collections and these are called the Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas. The four Vedas contain information on many aspects of arts, crafts, science and engineering.

Vedas and its sub sections

Vedas contains UpaVedas, Vedangas,Shrutis, Smruthi,Puranam etc..

Each Veda has four subdivisions. They consist of the following:
The Samhitas which speak about mantras and benedictions
The Aranyakas which is a text on rituals, ceremonies and symbolic-sacrifices, They are philosophical treatises
The Brahmanas which are commentaries on rituals and ceremonies, They also contain early versions of some stories.
The Upanishads which discuss meditation, philosophy and spiritual knowledge.
Some scholars add a fifth category – the Upasanas (worship)


The Upavedas (usually considered smriti) which deal with the four traditional arts and sciences.
Kalpa (ritual detail), Siksha (Phonetics, pronunciation), Vyakarana (grammar), Nirukti, (etymology), Chandas (Linguistics), Jyotisha (astronomy/astrology)

The Four Upavedas (following the Vedas) explain arts and sciences
Ayur-veda (medicine, life sciences), Gandharva-veda (music and dance), Dhanur-veda (Archery, warfare), Shilpa-veda (architecture), Arhashasra (Business Administration)

Smruti…18 Smrutis are
Atri, Vishnu, Harita, Ausanasi, Angirasa, Yama, Apastamba, Samvartta, Katyayana, Bruhaspati, Parasara, Vyasa, Sankha, Likhita, Daksha, Gautama, Stapata, Vasishta

Puranam – 10 dimensions..are.
Sargah – History of Creation of Cosmos
Visargah – History of Creation of Worlds
Vrutti – History of Evolution of Life
Raksha – History of Sustenanace of life
Antarani – History of time scale
Vamsa – History of Lineage
Vamsanucharita – History of Dynasties
Samstha – History of Catstrophy
Hetu – History of Prime Causes
Apasarayha – History of supreme being

Sri Veda Vyasa there are 18 Puranas

ITHIHASA ..are 2 …Ramayana , Mahabharata
Hidden Mathematical Marvels of temple architecture & sculptures
77 Shakthi, 28 Shiva ,Aagamas 108, Vishnu Aagamas

18 Siddhanthas
Surya Siddhantha, Pitamaha, Vyasa, Vasishta, Arti, Prasara, Kasyapa, Narada, Garga, Mareechi, Mara, Angeerasa, Lomasa, Poulisa, Chyavana, Yavanaus, Bhrigu, Saunaka, Siddhantha

Sushrutha Samhita – principles of surgery & medicine
Aryabhattiyam – Principles of Astrophysics
Arthasashthra – Commerce & Business Administration
Pancha sidhanta – Treatises on Astronomy
Patanjalayogasasra – Principle of yoga
Charaka Samhita – Principle of Ayurveda
Rasendramangalam – Science of Alchemy
Vaiseshik Darshan – Principle of Atomic theory
Mahajyanayanaprakara – Principles of calculus

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