ARYABHATTA – Ancient Inventions

Excellent presentation, contribution from Aryabhatta is his extended Euclidian algorithm which can be used to find common factors, ideal for simplifying fractions consisting of large numbers

It Describes about :

Gitikada -Discoveries about planetary and time computations, Methods of writing of numbers, Units of measurements, calculations of earth’s rotations
Ganitapada – Inventions about mathematics for astrophysical commutation , Geometrical principles, progressions measurement of time, week day, determining planetary positions.
Kalakriyapada – discoveries about planetary positions and motion
Golapada – Inventions about geometric & Trigonometric Principles, Motions of Planets
Geospatial Computations.

Published by Ramesh Reddy Karimireddy

I born in KADAPA district in a village, completed Master of Engineering ,worked as electrical engineer in a factory ,taught electrical, electronics & computer engineering for a period of 8 years. I have worked 23+ years across globe in software industry. Currently looking for change of life...

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