Starter Content

Create your website with blocks

Add block patterns

To add a block pattern, select the Add Block button in the toolbar at the top of the editor. This button is a plus sign within a square. Underneath the search bar, you’ll see some tabs, such as Blocks and Patterns. Select Patterns. Browse through the patterns and select one to add it to your content.

Frame your images

Twenty Twenty-One comes with several block styles, including borders and frames for blocks like Image. Try it out by adding a new image block to your editor, and in the Editor sidebar, open the “Styles” panel and select the “Frame” block style. Your images will look like works of art!

Overlap columns

Another block style included with Twenty Twenty-One is an overlap for column blocks. This allows you to create stacked layouts like the gallery on this page. Add a columns block to your editor, and in the Editor sidebar, and in the “Styles” panel, select the “Overlap” block style.

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